Oral History


Everyone has a story to tell – it’s just that sometimes they need someone to help them tell it.


Clare is an established oral historian and member of the Oral History Society. She has written and edited a number of books based on oral testimony, including A Passion for Priests (Hodder Headline, 1996), about women’s relationships with Roman Catholic priests; and Relative Grief, a book of interviews based around bereavement, which she co-authored with her Radio 4 colleague Judy Merry (Jessica Kingsley, 2005).


During her time as Visiting Fellow in Oral History at the University of Huddersfield, she helped to co-ordinate two major oral history projects: Asian Voices, and Northern Voices. She co-runs courses training people in how to 'do' oral history, including interview skills, what recording equipment to use, how to edit audio on computer - see http://voxpopsoralhistory.com/


Janet’s radio work also establishes her as a collector of oral testimony. In 2002, she produced an Archive Hour for BBC Radio 4 – Daughters of the Radical Suffragists – based on the work of historian Jill Liddington, which shed light on the role of working-class women in the fight for Votes for Women.


As committed collectors of people’s life experiences, we work with both individuals and organisations to record their stories. We can conduct interviews for your group, company or organisation, edit them, and create compilation CDs for distribution among your employees, members or clients, to help promote your work and/or area of interest - literally to give a voice to your website.


So… have you any recordings of interesting voices? If you have made some you would like preserving in the form of a CD, please contact us. They need to be clearly recorded and you need to have written permission to use the voices.